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Throwback Thursday: Warming Up (live at Lestat’s - 2004)

This is how we got our Jason Mraz community name :) Happy 4th Birthday friends!!

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Dear Mrazers, kita ada rencana mengadakan acara sukuran sekalian gathering untuk memperingati hari jadi Fine Dining ke 4 di Jakarta. Waktu kemungkinan tanggal 24 Maret 2013. Akan ada acara silaturahmi, quiz, nyanyi-nyanyi dan pastinya tiup lilin ^_^. Kira-kira Mrazers berminat gak? Kalau banyak yang mau hadir, kita akan arrange acaranya.
Kita tunggu feedback nya or reblog or send message kalo tertarik Trims :)

Gratefully yours <3

Tour is a Four Letter Word.

Jakarta, Indonesia


Dear Mrazer.. akan mengadakan event “A TRIBUTE TO JASON MRAZ”

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Aaaaand…the winners are:

Anonymous whispered, "hey, how to join this fans club? i heard that you guys had a chance to meet Mraz i Bali? i was there also but i never knew that there is Mraz fans in Indonesia..."

Good news is: EVERYBODY can join :)

Some of us did meet the man himself. It’s pure coincidence I guess. We met and chat with Matt, the tour manager before the show. That’s why we have the setlist for the Bali show.

If you wanna be part of the group you can join our Fine Dining with Jason Mraz group at facebook. Or you can follow our twitter. Both facebook and twitter link can be seen on our tumblr page. I’m guessing you’re not from Indonesia then? Every Mraz friends from everywhere even Narnia are welcome… We also have some of our friends from Phillipine and HK that will join us at the Jakarta show. Maybe you can join us too? Be sure to let us know :)